Covid19 Consent Form


As you may be aware, the FA have provided guidelines that facilitate grassroots football teams resuming training activities 

Nibley Road (PBA Club)

You should be aware that it is our intention to reopen for training within a controlled environment, but that will only be done once all necessary processes are in place.


Our commitment to you
Port of Bristol Youth want to assure you that as a club, we are only allowing training to resume on the condition that all necessary precautions are being taken by our managers. We will be monitoring training activities to ensure compliance.
Please note that if you are not comfortable with your child training, that is completely understandable and there will be no adverse impact. If you feel you are being pressured to train, please contact our Safeguarding Officer, Chris George on 07879291339.


Your Responsibility
Please be reminded that if your child or a member of his/her household is symptomatic, then you MUST NOT bring your child to training - indeed the government advice is that s/he should remain at home. Further, if you remain at the training venue, you must stay away from the training group itself, although remain within sight. Parents/Carers are reminded that they should also exercise social distancing measures whilst spectating. It may be necessary that only one parent/carer may spectate their child training, depending on the space the venue allows.