Food Bank Donations


As many would of seen over the past few weeks (and mainly today on his Twitter) The living legend Marcus Rashford is doing all he can to make sure children don't go hungry and what a job he's doing.

As a club we are asking for any donations like Tin food that we can collect up and take to local food banks to help out. 

There would be too many issues with corona etc to supply Hot meals. So the club have chose to go down this route.

This is optional and if you feel you don't want to do it and can't donate that's completely fine. Anyone who would like to donate please pass a bag onto your child at any training session that your coach will collect and place in the changing rooms. Even one can can make a difference.

I think everyone can agree. What an incredible young man Marcus Rashford is. Not only a brilliant fooballer but a role model to all of our children.


#NoOneShouldGoHungry #SirMarcus#PurpleArmy