Player Postbox Launched


Port of Bristol YFC is happy to announce the role out of our Player Postbox. This is aimed to allow our players to be heard off the pitch as well as on it and has come about after recent conversations between parents and Chris George at the parent meeting held in September.

It was agreed we needed to give our players a voice and by opening these sort of channels it does this but also gives them the knowledge that they can do this quietly should they wish. The postbox is situated on the door of the home dressing room and is only accessible by the club welfare officer (CWO) with this believed to be quiet enough for any of our players to have the privacy to post but also enables us as a club to ensure it can't be damaged.

It is so important that our players know that experiences they have or worries they may be having at football or away from club can be heard, even if they feel they cannot say them directly to an individual. What is also just as important is they know they can contribute opinions that they believe could benefit their football club.

We want to encourage our players, children and young people to actively be engaged at POBYFC, to feel safe and to have the confidence to talk. We can/do play such a big part in the development of them both as players and people, so it is important they know we are here for them.

Chris George will be going around the age groups over the next few week at training and matches to talk to the players directly, so they are aware of this box.