Repairing Of Goalmouths Have Started


With most of our teams completing their seasons now and goalmouths in bad shape we have started to ensure that these are repaired so none of our players risk getting injured or hurt. With the weather hopefully changing soon, this will only make the goal areas worse, drying them out and making them very hard, so we have started early to ensure we can play friendlies etc.

The smaller format pitches are the ones which are to have the work done to them first, as we have a number of them marked out at the club and where most of our players are playing.

(Stones & rocks found when repairing goal area)

After starting the work this week we soon realised how important this work is going to be after recovering stones and rocks sitting centimetres below from where our players are diving, tackling and falling over.

Over everything, ensuring the safety of the children comes first and although none of these were accessible or on view until dug out, we want to make sure we don't have a future incident or injury.