SESSION PLAN (14/10/2020)

Please see the session plan for Wednesday at St Bedes. 

SESSION FOCUS: Communication & Movement
We are continuing with this session focus and the activities are designed on trying to really hone in on creating confidence to find space and call for the ball. 

Arrival Activity - 

Pass To A Colour

As players arrive they will be split into two different colours.

  • In Possession - Player must dribble and do what they wish on the ball but find a pass to a colour that is not theirs who is calling for it.
  • Out of Possession - Players are continuously moving, scanning and looking to recieve a pass from a player in possession.

First progression as touched upon in the training review last week. We will add a couple of tacklers whose aim is to press and get the balls off a player in possession. This is making the activity more realistic to the game and will maybe highlight the players who are keeping possession to long.

We will make this an invasion game that everyone can be defenders, but the focus here is the players not involved movements and communication. 

Middle Activity -

Killer Pass Rondo
Players have done this before, but struggled last season with the concept.

Creating two areas the players will be split into two colours, with a minimum of one player from the each side in the middle of the opposing team, creating a rondo.

The aim is on the key word the player comes out of opposing box, calls for the ball and receives it, before dribbling it back into the they came from and the rondo continues.

We want the players moving, finding space and calling for the ball.