SESSION PLAN (16/12/2020)

  • Getting The Ball Wide
  • Creating Space Wide To Expoit Gaps Centrally  

Session planned with the first and third activities being invasion led practices that will let the children learn under pressure. These two activities the players would of done recently will the middle one being unopposed and focusing on getting that ball wide.

Arrival Activity 

Playing Through The Gap
Spliting the children on arrival within their teams the players will start in three separate area. The group either end of the activity are trying to pass through the middle team. Players can pass to their own team before trying to create space for that penetrating pass behind the middle team. Ideally, I want to see no one standing still and angled passes out wide.

Scoring system will be as followed:

  • 1pt for every successful pass.
  • DOUBLED if it is received in a wide zone.
  •  1pt for defending team if intercepted.

Middle Activity 

Receive, Set, Diagonal Pass
Something new for the players, getting them thinking about the diagonal pass as an additional option instead of dribbling or short passes.

A simple combination designed to represent two central midfielders passing to eachother before a switch pass out wide. A lot of repetition switching the ball off to the left and right hand side unopposed concentrating on the technique and body movements.

End Activity

5v4 + 1 Wing (Creating Space)
The players looked at this last week as I wanted to introduce the high wingers into the Longwell game. We will again look at this activity but the numbers may change defensively to have quick rotation but there will still be an attacking overload.