SESSION PLAN (21/10/2020)

SESSION FOCUS: Communication & Movement

Training is being held from 5.50pm so please make sure you arrive in time for us all to start on time.

Arrival Activity 

As the players arrive they will be givem a ball to get the legs moving and to socialise for 5mins...

We will start with a match for a change for 15mins. I will be looking for communication, movement and a fast tempo with balls externally so we can keep the ball rolling continuously.

Middle Activity 


A new one for the players to sink their teeth into and alot to think about. Very game realistic as invasive so the players will constantly be under pressure and they will need to:

  • Get their heads up
  • Constantly scan and move, to know their surroundings so they give themselves time to make decisions.
  • Communicate to eachother to want the ball or to give an aiding shout.

The three groups will be rotated regularly and I will introduce a scoring system of some sort.

End Activity


Something a little different to finish off the session rather than the regular taking of penalties, built with the session focus in mind.

Combination passing with team mates which incorporates movement and communication, this finishing with a shot on goal.