SESSION PLAN (28/10/2020)


Communication, Movement & Scanning

So as I mentioned a couple weeks back, I am starting to layer information on top of the foundations the players have been working on recently allowing them to explore new things within this block. Its important that we give them these different segments, entwine them into what they already have learnt so it stays fresh and relevant but also starts to become a habit or natural to them during games.

Arrival Activity 

Three Coloured Sequence Passing

As the players arrive they will be split up into three different coloured groups and follow a colour sequence to pass and receive the ball. We really want to see aggressive movements and calling for the ball now and whilst I am setting up the middle activity I am hoping to see good habits and a scanning motion as the is traveling to them.

I will step in and get them to do this as a progression if they need a gentle reminder.

Middle Activity

Four Cone Scanning
One player from each colour will form a mini group of 3.

  • One is standing within their box
  • One to stand 5 yards behind holding two coloured cones.
  • One passing and receiving the ball in front

Middle player is continuously moving, scanning over their shoulder and shouting out the colour the player behind them is holding up. They do this whilst calling for the ball and passing back to the player in front of them.

To make it fun for them and engaging the external passing player will score their team mate in the box one point everytime they call for the ball, scan over their shoulder and receive a good returning pass. 

End Activity

A match...I'm going to try and remember to charge my phone up and record this to review and hopefully get some good footage so that you can show them doing the process visually.