Still A Major Issue - Dog mess



Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who jumped on our social media post about the dog mess on the pitches, we had some great feedback, suggestions and we are not going to rest until it gets resolved.

We can't as again over the weekend, we had to clear up seven times beforehand, off the pitches used by over 200 local youngsters...but more concerning, one of the spectators toddler, had it on them after playing pitch side. It can't continue and we really need your help again to 'SPREAD THE WORD', by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, as someone will get seriously injured through it. We are again going to communicate with the Sport & Social Club to see where they now stand on this and see if they will join us, giving the extent of the issue now.

We had over 3,600 local people engage through clicking the link and over 110 shares and to be honest, the first weekend, ironically there was none on any of our pitches.

Please spread the word by liking, commenting and sharing this page.

Thank You