Training Review (09/12/2020)

Creating Space Out Wide

Arrival Activity 

Stuck In The Mud

A little bit of fun to get the movements in their legs and to get them warm on what was a cold night. Splitting the player upon arrival into three group, this activity also had an hidden agenda to allowed the boys to become comfortable at communicating with one another after the lockdown as they didn't want to be 'stuck' so had to call for help. 

Middle Activity

Playing Through The Gaps
Within their three group the players either end of the area were trying to pass through the middle team. Players could pass to their own team before trying to create space for a penetrating pass behind the middle team. 

After a slow start most of the children managed to get the ball moving but I had to highlight about the importance of not 'forcing' a pass over possession.

  • Allowed a player from the middle zone to engage which allowed more realism to an actual game.
  • Also added some wide zones to give width.

We will look at maybe adding a scoring system by giving additional points if the ball gets in these zones next time.

End Activity

5 V 4+1 (Creating Width)

This was solely aimed at trying to have options out wide and allow the players in possession to either pass there or exploit space created in the middle. I also gave the defending team a chance to score by gaining possession and scoring in one of four goals on half way line. 

This created some realism to matchdays as there was a possible transition and players had to reaft to this.

The players done well and we were getting the ball wide and creating space centrally although not the tempo was slow. This was likely due to it being new and players trying to comprehend what was the outcome we wanted to achieve.


Great to see the children after another month off with lockdown and they done very well on our return. It is always going to be easier for some than others and I really am pushing the squad to test themselves beyond their footballing years in a way which is suitable, ensuring it is accessible to the individual and where they currently are with their footballing journey.

Within each of their abilities will be many different factors and every player will develop these at different times. In football alone this year the players have had to deal with alot that would of had an impact to this development.

  • Not playing/training
  • Not Socializing
  • Format transition

A great illustration of the 'Iceberg Illusion' where we as humans only scratch the surface and see what is infront of us rather that see what is beneath.