Training Review (13/09/2020)


So over the last two training sessions I have really focused on 'Out Of Possession' (being compact centrally) but also having an hidden agenda of trying to get the other team to realise the importance that they must work as a team when in possession. 

In Possession (Purple)

I'm sure as parents you can see that this team has been predominantly full of our stronger players, confident at dribbling and classed as the 'better' players in the squad. They had been told the following in their games.

  • To play a 1-4-1 formation.
  • Pass the ball wide, move and communicate.

The players in this group overall really didn't take on board the instructions and just didn't link up together to penetrate. This isn't a new thing with our 'stronger' players as it happened last season and one of the reasons why I rarely select teams around ability.

These players have to realise that they just can't always beat 1, 2 or even 3 players in this format. With the extra length and width of the pitch as well as the additional two players, other aspects of the game such as movement, communication and passing must be developed.

There were obviously some amazing individual moments with this group and we don't want to lose that, but the boys needs to understand they can't always do it, not work hard if possession is lost and keep shape.

Need To Work On

Out Of Possession (Yellow)

The outfield players selected in this squad at training are players currently behind the above in their current development. The aim here was to put the players within a 'pressured situation' to get the best out of them. They have been told to do the following.

  • To play a 2-4-0 formation.
  • Work in pairs to press the ball, breaking down the attack. x2 Defenders, x2 Left Midfield Zone, x2 Right Midfield Zone. Stay within the blue central areas as much as possible.

The players have been absolutely amazing in working as a team during these sessions, with communication and pressing the ball being key to their success. Over the two sessions the yellow team drew 2-2 and won 6-4 and on paper this shouldn't f happened, because of the players they are playing against.

There is still a lot work to do as when they switched off, it led to them conceeding because of the current ability of the players they were up against. Overall, they were by far the better team both defensively and in attack and I couldn't be more proud of them.