Training Review (14/10/2020)


Great to see the players again, I look forward to seeing their smiles as they come through the gate, the excitement of arriving, listening to their stories and giving them a bit of banter...Especially the Rovers supporters. Numbers were very good with only two missing from the squad in Phoenix and Blake.

We welcomed a new player tonight also, Louie has started training with us and slotted in very well with knowing so many of the players already within this group...there may also be a couple more added in the near future. With numbers high in the purple squad at training and not so with our white squad we are shifting a few over at training currently so they get more time on the ball and develop.

The aim is to create around 28 players in this age group, two squads of 14 in different divisions, so when we go into single games only, we don't have to lose anyone and everyone will have a chance to stay at POB Youth. 

Arrival Activity 

Pass To A Colour - The players done well in this as its basic form with the communicating between the players being very high. By putting a constraint that they had to pass/move to someone in a different colour to what they were wearing, meant they had to get their head up and look.

I also tried to add a scanning motion as the ball was travelling to them to show them the importance of space and knowing their surroundings.

  • Asked them to think of a player from the team they support who seems to have a time on the ball when they received it. Gave them some examples of Pogba, Henderson and Dier who are constantly looking around and always seem to have time when in possession.

The below video is a great insight into scanning, whilst communicating and moving.

A bit of homework for the players...get them to watch the video and answer the below question?

Q. In 17 seconds how many times does Frank Lampard look over his shoulder?

I wanted to ensure we put the players under pressure tonight so it was more realistic to what they could experience on the pitch on a Sunday. The introduction of the pressing defenders meant we were able to create a real situation and I could see how the individual player would react under  stress. Some real positives came from this and I will look at adding to this next week.

Middle Activity 

Killer Pass Rondo -

We were getting there in the end but again some are to interested in chatting or watching other age groups and then find it difficult to understand. Rondo's are great for a number of things and are really for older players, but we have able children when they are focused.

By designing this activity as a transition from pressing a ball to receiving another by moving and communicating to receive the pass, its is about how quickly the player can react to a situation in front of them.

Each player is different and there is no magic formula to their individual development. It is like a puzzle, I have to figure it out with them and find out what fits where and then we progress.

As with anything, to improve you need to listen and work...I've never heard of anyone ever getting worse at something by doing it more. At the same time, I need to protect them and slot interventions in where I deem fit as we want them to love this amazing game not feel under pressure that they may mess up.

End Activity 

Orange v Yellow Penalties
A bit of fun away from the session focus as I like doing penalties at the end when we can. It puts the player in a situation where it is about them making a decision and as they grow you can really start to see their little characters coming out of them. Some of the emotions they show when they take a penalty and just after in really a sight to behold and shows their love of football. 

What is becoming very noticeable is no matter who is in what team there is a great bond in this squad. You will always have school friends etc, but the amount of social interactions I am now seeing between them all is massive...bare in mind they may only spend 2 hours a week with eachother.