Training Review (21/10/2020)

SESSION FOCUS: Communication & Movement

Arrival Activity

Colour Sequence Passing -The players done well in this and we did something similar the week before so probably aided them. We introduced a scanning motion as the ball was travelling to them and it was great to see how their little traits are starting to come out.

Yes the fundamentals collectively as a group of what they have been taught are the following.

  1. Movement/Scan
  2. Call for the ball
  3. Scan
  4. Take a touch

What I mean by traits is how the individual reacts to a situation. Some lead off the left foot, some jump before controling the ball, all unique to them, what they have consciously taught themselves and not by me.

Middle Activity

Safe Zone Rondo - Something new for them by adding zones into the area but a progression from the arrival activity of a passing sequence. Basically a 4v4 within the playing area with neutral players in each corner, alot of transitions but opportunities to move, communicate and a few starting to scan.

To anyone watching it was chaos with balls going everywhere but so much came out of it, so glad the club supply us with 30+ balls.

End Activity 

Combination American Penalties - By this time they were drenched through so listening had gone out the window so an early pack up and a boring talk commenced about focus level etc. These are 8-9 year olds and amazing children but sometimes I love bringing the 'Grumpy Coach Act' out so they know where the line in the sand is. 

Overview & Highlight 

Again we are starting to scaffold layers onto the foundations we have worked on recently around communication and movement. I don't want to always stop-start the session, so just tweeking a few things for individuals whilst we are rolling it out is key. With that in mind we did get another golden nugget moment when we did stop and talk collectively.

When demonstrating scanning I asked a leading question on why should we scan and how can we help as a team mate. We had what I call the 'spoon fed' answers which players have remembered from me, but the highlight was this from Nataniel.

Like A Rabbit? Looking both ways

What an amazing insight into how their minds see things in football and relate it into something in the real world. So I asked further what do you mean looking both ways?

  • Like a rabbit? Always looking both ways. You know, looking everywhere for an predictor so he doesnt get eaten.

A great answer, something all of the children then understood and put into practice in the opening activity.

It was a very horrible night weather wise and the children found it difficult at times in the elements. There was also quite a lot of 'silliness' which didn't help and made it difficult to get the flow of the session going, especially when they didn't understand an activity of what to do because of this...this is why I asked about showing session plan to them.