Training Review (23/09/2020)

SESSION FOCUS - Movement & Communication 
This focus tonight was trying to get the players out of their shells, not hiding in the shadows and giving them a chance to express themselves both on and off the ball.

The importance of this in relation to the game is massive and within this focus there are many social interactions, so confidence plays a big part to achieving the goals.

We want the players to start making decision for the team and understanding that passing, moving and communicating will make the game easier for them to play... but to get there though they need to make mistakes to learn.

We want players to be in the green of the above diagram as much as possible. We want them to make these mistakes to learn the game now not as they are getting older within their footballing journey.
MAIN ACTIVITY - Central 1-2 and Pass

A new activity for them and it is great for awareness, movement and communication. Some players are still very stagnant when playing in matches and this lack of movement, along with no communication makes it very difficult for a teammates when playing.

From December last year I have been really focusing on passing, communication and movement as these are key to develop confidence that will aid them as we go through the age formats. As you can see, the pitches are bigger, there are more players and just being able to dribble is not enough anymore, players need to become more rounded.

This activity for the central players was key as they had to.

  • Move and call to receive the ball.
  • Look to find someone whilst in possession, pass, move and call for it back.
  • Pass the ball to the other side.

By introducing a pass centrally and having 2 or 3 balls in play, it meant the picture was always changing, they had to make decisions quickly as they couldn't always pass to the same person. 

We will progress this activity over time by introducing a pressing player, giving less time to make decisions and making it more realistic to a match.


I wanted to see how the players reacted to having ownership and what they would do by picking their teams. By allowing them to choose formation and getting them to focus on a team aim during the game allows me to see what is getting through to them as players, from what I coached.

With no constraints from me the match became very messy and chaotic, but this is the best way for them to learn at times. 

That being said there were some excellent leadership qualities that came out from some of the player. At times I did have to step in to stop dictating to others as we want to continue a 'WE CULTURE' rather than a 'ME CULTURE', which is difficult at this age for players to be confident to express their views as well as being able to listen to different opinions.

END ACTIVITY - Penalties

Finally got round to completing last weeks winner, well done Charlie Rush. 

Didn't really start this weeks competition due to the weather and me having to attend a first aid incident, but we will next week.