Training Review (30/09/2020)

SESSION FOCUS - Movement & Communication

Sometimes we just got to ensure there is lots of fun for the players to stay engaged, even more so with the rubbish weather we had tonight. 

Part of the session focus (movement) comes in many forms during a game and I have been trying to encourage the children over the last two months, to show willingness to want the ball both in and out of possession through constantly moving and not standing still (ball watching)

Movement is one of the most important dimensions of football, but it is notoriously hard to get young players to understand. Trying to combine this with communication if even harder but it is about repetition and giving them opportunities to learn that using one or both will make their game easier.

Arrival Activity 

Giving them there own ball as soon as the arrive and letting them explore, have 5-10 minutes to try things, have a little conversation with mates etc within a 20x10m area.

Gradually introduce constraints to try and get them focused on training.

  • A clap to illustrate, leave the ball and sprint to the line and back.
  • Introducing skills into their dribbling.

Middle Activity -

Team Obstacle Course 

The agenda behind this was movement in different directions in short explosive spells.

It is very important that we see football is not played in one direction. If you ask the players, most will point to either of the two goals and say we run forward/backwards. Theoretically, they are correct as this is what they see on tv through their eyes or comprehension from the language I use when coaching.

  • PACK OF WOLVES - Press Forward
  • START AGAIN - Play back.
  • WHERE'S THE DANGER - They look back.

Splitting the group into two teams the player had to do the following

  1. Dribble the ball within their zone and await for their number to be called
  2. Leave the ball, bunny hop over the huddles and turn around the cone.
  3. Side to side through the poles.
  4. Move x4 cones (1 at a time) over the half way line.
  5. Around the cone and again bunny hop over huddles.
  6. Go around the cone and put the hoop over their body.
  7. To the 'Volcano Cones' and flick them over.
  8. Run back to your zone.

The intensity from most of the players was great,  the joy of beating a team mate obvious to see... the key is transferring this into games in the right manner.

We also added another couple team based games but this time introducing a ball into the equation. They needed to communicate with eachother to ensure a pass was successful and again still was very competitive between the two teams.

End Activity - 


Didn't have a lot of time left with the light going so quickly now, so again I let them pick their teams and positions to see how they conducted themselves with eachother.

We Not Me "

We want confident players who can lead not dictate and players who will go in a position to accommodate the team not because they want to play there.

As mentioned many times before, the reason I coach is to improve the person not the player. The player will always develop if the person has values.

What was pleasing to watch was some of the positions and movement off the ball taken up from a couple of the players. I also heard a few of them aid their teammates with "Man On"...

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