V Bristol Central (A) 11/10/2020


Game 1

We started the game very strongly created a number of opportunities by keeping possession and moving the ball around. Nataniel Winiarski mopped up anything that did come into our half and it was his interception that started our attack that resulted in our first goal. 

His tackle fell to Jacob Baldwin who drove on the ball over half way before linking with Francis Cross, both communicating well. Francis managed to hold off a couple of tackles before finishing well under their goalkeeper from a tight angle.

Throughout the rest of the half we were very strong and on top and unlucky not to grab two or three more goals with efforts from Tommy Stone, Jacob Baldwin and Francis Cross all pulling shots wide.


Took a while to get going again in the second half and we did put pressure on ourselves by over playing, especially in our box. We never really got caught on the ball and although it was worrying it was great to see the players confident enough to do this. We soon fell back into the groove and were on top again when Francis Cross played in Nataniel Winiarski. He had a lot to do to get there, but that he did and blasting pass the Bristol Central goalkeeper.

Jacob Baldwin was looking dangerous and had a number of opportunities from the right before he actually made it 3-0.  This was probably the best goal out of the three because of the communication and switching of the ball by Alfie Simmonds and Jacob. The ball fell to Alfie who dribbled from the left to switch the play to Jacob Baldwin, who was in a good position to drive towards the box and finish well across the keeper. What was pleasing was how Alfie released the ball and continued his run to the back post to give Jacob a second option.


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Nataniel had a fantastic game and one of those players comfortable in a number of positions. Was excellent as a defender and grabbed a goal through his persistence when playing further forward.

Game 2

The first 5 minutes was the best for this team who moved, communicated well and had the best passing combination I have ever seen in 5 years of coaching. A total of 10 or 11 passes, at least half of them was one touch with the ball just getting stuck under Preston Clifton feet. Truly amazing and shows exactly how much easier it is to move the ball rather than continuing to run with it.

Once Bristol Central scored two quick goals, most of the players seem to freeze and didn't seem to try...we just didn't get going.

  • A few players standing still and not moving to get involved.
  • A couple of players over playing and not releasing the ball when the ones moving were in better positions.
  • Players just kicking the ball away, panicking.

Admittedly, they were a very physical team and the young referee didn't have the best of games but they were also very talented and we were bullied by them, some players wilted under the contant pressure and we found ourselves 5-0 down.


Much of the same although we did seem to get some confidence back into the boys at half time until they scored the sixth. If it wasn't for Mason Smith who made two great double saves the scoreline could of been alot worse as Central continued to break through us over and over. 

Central did score three more goals with are only clear cut chance probably coming with the last play of the game, when we should of been awarded a penalty. Eric Rodgers drove over half way after being played the ball by Preston Clifton and passed to Jacob George. Jacob beat their defender to go into the box only for the goalkeeper to miss the ball and bring Jacob down. 



Preston Clifton was this games POTM not because he was the best on the pitch but because he tried and succeeded with a task set by me. It was a massive step forward for him and his development...well done.


GAME 1 (3-0 win)
Francis Cross ⚽️✔️
Jacob Baldwin⚽️✔️
Nataniel Winiarski ⚽
Alfie Simmonds ✔️

POTM 🏆 Nataniel Winiarski 

GAME 2 (0-9 lost)
POTM 🏆 Preston Clifton


The first game was probably the best we have played collectively as a team since we have returned from Covid-19 and showed that some of the stuff at training is sinking into their game. The communication and movement was fantastic throughout and the boys were unlucky not to have a bigger margin in terms of the scoreline.

At the start of the second game I was so please to see the boys communicating and moving and they were unlucky not to take the lead with an unbelievable move. This Central side was a very talented, also physically stronger and for most of the boys, the Central players wanted the ball more. To many seemed to not want to be on the pitch, football has to be fun, even if its tough going as we got to work for our teammates.