V Frampton Rangers (A) 20/09/20


Game 1

We started the game brightly and were unlucky not to take the lead a couple of times in the first 5 minutes with the best chance falling to Francis Cross who dribbled past two players only to shoot just wide. Alfie Simmonds was also unlucky not to score after good hold up play and skill from Jacob George who then slotted Alfie in, only to see his shot go pass the back post.

Charlie Moore and Jacob Baldwin were breaking up a lot of Frampton attacks, who were now getting more and more into the game. Just before H/T Frampton had a shot from the edge of the box which hit the post.

Very strong start to the half again and it looked like we were going to be the first to score in the match, although a short back pass to Blake Lloyd meant he couldn't implement his pass fully and ended up at the feet of their midfielder, who slotted the ball in.

We soon replied with Alfie Simmonds setting up Francis Cross who scored a fantastic goal and we soon took a 2-1 lead when the two of them connected again from a corner.

The game was now end to end with us hitting the bar and the post, Blake Lloyd saving two 1v1s and Charlie Moore also putting in some great tackles defensively. However, we conceeded from a corner and shortly after Frampton scored the best goal of the game to make it 3-2 to them.

We carried on pressing them into mistakes and managed to grabbed an equaliser with a couple of minutes left. Phoenix Basini had a shot from the edge of the box which the keeper saved well, only for Alfie Simmonds to tap in from close range.



Charlie worked so hard for the team Sunday. At times he was left on his own as Frampton counter attacked and most of the time was able to gain possession. 

Game 2

The first 10 minutes the players were really under pressure and were really working together but  conceeded a soft goal. After a lucky deflection the ball ran through to the Frampton player who scuffed his shot which went under Mason Smith.

The team continued to pressure and were breaking very well on the counter attack through Nataniel Winiarski who was very unluckly not to score a couple of times. Charlie Rush was excellent breaking up attacks and trying to find forward passes. However, we soon conceeded a second goal after a great pass wide from their number 11 with the striker finishing well and the same player grabbing their third.

Straight from kick off Nataniel Winiarski dribbled past four players and shot across their goalkeeper who saved well but it fell to Ben Burnett who tapped the ball home.


The whole of the second half we looked the better team, although they had more shots we were playing some excellent football and playing the 'right way'.

The Frampton goalkeeper saved well from Vinnie King late on and also produced some very good and saves from Nataniel Winiarski and Robbie Dimambro.

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Had an excellent game in midfield by breaking down Frampton attacks, looking for positive solutions in possession and working hard out of possession.


GAME 1 (3-3 draw)

Francis Cross ⚽️⚽️
Alfie Simmonds ⚽✔️✔️
Phoenix Basini ✔️

POTM 🏆 Charlie Moore

GAME 2 (3-1 lost)

Ben Burnett ⚽️
Nataniel Winiarski ✔️

POTM 🏆 Charlie Rush

The players were excellent today and at times played some really lovely stuff. It is important they express football they want them to, but also realise that they are within a team. Two stand out point for me were.

  • The way the boys celebrated scoring the four goals they scored and what it meant to them.
  • One of the boys put their hand up at HT and had the confidence to speak to the group about someone not passing the ball quickly enough.

It was nice to see things worked on in training bearing fruit from both games and despite not getting the result we wanted, these are U9s still learning the game.

Big mention to Nataniel Winiarski who had a fantastic game also and unlucky to not pick up POTM.

Hard physical game for some of them today and unfortunately it will continue as the children go up through the age groups. One thing that can't happen is the complaining to the referee from the sideline, regardless of your opinion to a decision. If I can hear you more importantly your children can which I won't have players complaining to an official...we must have respect.

Please bare this is mind as they will copy you and is this how you want your children to react to someone in charge if they feel a decision is wrong? It could be a teacher, a policeman, their boss in future...its about me and you teaching them life skills not opinions at U9 football.

One U10 team is likely to be kicked out of the league already (3 games in) because of actions to referees.