V Imperial (H) 18/10/2020


Game 1

The boys really took the bull by the horns in this game with a number of early chances ensuring the start the match was all us. We looked confident, communicated well and were creating some lovely passing combinations but we just couldn't find the net, however, it wasnt long before we were able to convert a chance a what a goal it was. A corner from Eric Rodgers was met by by the head of Jacob Baldwin, whose header flew into the top corner off the bar.

Jacob was unlucky not to score another after being fouled in the box, only for the goalkeeper to save the resulting penalty by saving well and pushing the ball onto the post.

Again and again we were knocking on the door with Alfie Simmonds, Jacob George and Francis Cross having 5 or 6 chances between them, but it was Imperial who managed to score just before half time


We were the team who came out and took the lead when Alfie Simmonds set up Alfie Roberts and again for the next 10 minutes we should of pulled away.

Slowly but surely Imperial were creeping further forward with our boys starting to lose shape and concentration, looking a totally different side to the one that was working so well in the first 30 minutes or so of the game. Luckily, Alfie Simmonds broke up two certain 1v1s by great cover runs and one of these did result in a pass to counter attack. The through ball went to Jacob Baldwin out on the right hand side, he approached the box 1v1 but his shot when wide, with Jacob George square of him.

We did finish strongly and again we had a few half chances that we could of probably done better with but that's football. The result doesn't really show how one sided the game was.

  • Alfie Simmonds was amazing today. His energy and space awareness was key for the success of his team and when you factor in he was always an option out wide in the attacking third he just pipped Jacob Baldwin to the award.

Game 2

The game started very slowly with chances coming to and far between but we were on top. We were very compact and working hard with some excellent movement and communication allowing us most of the possession. Robbie Dimambro slotted a pass through to Nataniel Winiarski who worked his magic in a tight situation but was brought down in the area. He picked himself up to take the penalty only to hit it wide.

Not long after this we found ourselves 1-0 down with a strong run from their striker who blasted the ball high into the far right hand corner. We were soon 2-0 down with an almost carbon copy goal, after the Imperial player went past Preston Clifton, Hermon Zenawi done well to stay with the player but another cross shot slipped into the far corner.

Hermon and Charlie Moore were having a great game and formed a great partnership in defence together.


The boys really came out of the blocks and were unlucky not to get a goal back from Kick Off. Great link up play from Charlie Moore, Phoenix Basini and Nataniel Winiarski led to the latter to pull a shot just wide. Nataniel was looking very dangerous everytime he had the ball and was brought down again in the box, once again picking himself up to take the spot kick...unfortunately he kicked the ball over from the resulting penalty.

After this the boys were visibly down but not out of the game and shortly after a lovely 'pass and move combination' between Phoenix and Nataniel allowed the latter to slot pass the advancing goalkeeper. The whole move was a team goal which started with Blake in goal and involved a great killer pass from Charlie Moore out wide to Phoenix.

The players were back on top but the game became a bit more end to end as both teams looked to score. Unfortunately for the boys it was Imperial who scored from a shot on target which was fumbled into the goal by Blake. We soon replied by changing formation and leaving just one player at the back. Quick thinking from Vinnie King broke the line and Nataniel again poked the ball into the net.

With the game now tied at 4-4 overall we should of had the opportunity to win the match with another penalty after a handball by the Imperial defender but the ref played on and Imperial scored with the last kick of the game to take it 5-4 overall.

  • Robbie Dimambro worked effortlessly today with his communication off the ball was the best on the park. He may not be as developed as some of his peers currently in individual ability, but his talking, movement and work ethic allowed him to stand out. Hermon Zenawi played his best game today and was very unlucky not grab the POTM.


GAME 1 (2-1 win)
Jacob Baldwin ⚽️
Alfie Roberts ⚽
Alfie Simmonds ✔️
Eric Rodgers ✔️

POTM 🏆 Alfie Simmonds

GAME 2 (2-4 lost)
Nataniel Winiarski ⚽️⚽️
Vinnie King ✔️
Phoenix Basini  ✔️
POTM 🏆 Robbie Dimambro 


HOW THE HELL DID WE LOSE THAT GAME??? Don't know if I'm honest, but the boys were absolutely amazing today and we created around 20-25 chances...and we missed three penalties.

Although the results are not a focus of mine and developing the player(s) is, when it does finally all come together in this format we are going to really hammer someone. There were so many positives being implemented by the players today, from our recent training focus of Communication & Movement and being able to break these down into the FA Four Corners model, really shows that the fundamentals of what I am trying to get across to them is starting to bed in.

Positive Team Outcomes From Today's Matches
Their coaches were so impressed with how we worked as a team, moved the ball around and collectively talked...and even though they have been on the end of heavy defeats to Bristol Rovers JSC, Portishead & Avon Athletic recently, he believes we are a better team. 

We to have had some heavy defeats in this new 7v7 format, but we beat those three teams last season at 5v5...so fingers cross we continue this education.