V Longwell Green (A) 06/09/2020


Game 1 (7-0 lost)

The players really struggled throughout this game with over dribbling and not learning from mistakes they are doing week in, week out.

We have worked really hard on communication during lockdown when in possession and how this can help them, but the boys just didnt use what I know they can do. Out of possession a lot of them continuously gave up.

POTM 🏆 Blake Lloyd
One positive from this game was Blake, who really kept the score lower than what it should of been, with a number of unbelievable saves. He truly deserved his Player Of The Match Trophy

Game 2 (12-2 lost)

Alfie Simmonds ⚽️
Phoenix Basini ✔

First half of this match followed on from the first game. We were really poor both in and out of possession, not moving, no communication and over dribbling.

Second half we were a totally different team and actually pressed a very strong Longwell Green team. We were creating alot of chances through passing short as well as playing direct down the middle from Mason Smith. Special mention to the parents on the side...you were amazing today and really helped the children believe. It is hard to fine the right time to say things when watching from sidelines (as grey area with me) but you really pushed them in the second half

POTM 🏆 Alfie Simmonds
He worked his socks off all game and grabbed a goal and an assist. Some of his movement off the ball and awareness is above his years. 


Massive task ahead of us if we are to perform in this division if we play like this regularly. Not to take anything away from Longwell Green, as these are they team to beat in the league, but we have a talented squad that can meet this challenge.

The players need to understand the format and pitch size and how best to use the tools shown to them to get what they want out of their matches.