2021-22 Signing On Form

Welcome everyone to our '2021-22' Online Signing On Form'.

There are some mandatory items that need to be filled in to enable us to sign a player on with this information only being used by Port of Bristol Youth Football Club and Football Association.

Parent FAN Number

  • All players (from all ages) & Coaches hold these numbers, but also now parents. A parent FA Number (FAN) is your unique identification number which is assign/linked to your child or children. Without this being created your child cannot be registered to play for any team, so fill in as much information as possible so we can generate it for you if you are not sure of yours

Adding of Race & Ethnicity Categories For Players

  • As a club we have always generated this information and update it yearly to aid us in future development, both on and off the pitch. More importantly this allowed us to know 'our members'.l, so by adding this to our signing on process, it enables us to gather this information more quickly.