Co-Vid 19 Guidance

Here are the Port of Bristol Youth FC guidelines for matches during Co-Vid 19. 

A number of things need to be adhered to if we are to be able to play matches during these difficult times.


  • All people attending games need to use one of the three hand sanatising stations which are situated around the site. These are to be used on arrival and when you leave the club.
  • Parents or guardians watching the games will be segregated by a visual barrier and stand either side. Each person will also need to be conscious of social distancing whilst the match is being played.
  • Parents are asked not to shout from the sidelines. Although this shouldnt occur anyway in youth football, the fact this does happen could allow a possible carrier of the virus to spread this onto the field of play. 
  • No changing facilities to be used.
  • Equipment to be wiped down regularly...including balls.
  • Players not to handshake or huddle. We recommend a simple '3 cheers' OR clapping of the opposition.

 We hope you enjoy the games.