Chairman Chat

And so here we are, reflecting on another year, thanking everyone for all they have done and sending our best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year when it comes.

So, next Saturday we will host our annual presentation, the highlight of the season for me, as it is an event where everyone comes together to celebrate the efforts of our players.

A very busy February and March with plans already in full swing for next season, although 2022-23 has been extended further following the recent snow, creating more fixture congestion for teams in all leagues.

It's been a little while since I last spoke to you all, we've seen in a new year that as brought with it weather that has totally washed out grassroots fixtures up and down the country.

I'm sure we all hope that we have now seen the back of this and return to early mornings and mud in our cars again...fingers crossed anyway....

A slightly delayed Chairman Chat this month as I wanted to highlight the last two weekends within this edition as I know going into the festive period things become a little more hectic behind the scenes and if seasons gone by have shown me, a lot happens as we gear up for Xmas.

This obviously brought a lot of emotions to people up and down the country but also showed a sense of togetherness that I see everyday in grassroots football. Families came together, people who have never met before started a conversation or even started a journey (when paying their respects) and it made me realise again this is exactly what...

That time of year where we look at the demographics of the club, numbers within and evaluate our growth and retention of our players, volunteers and coaches.

Hello and welcome to my final Chairman Chat of the 2021-22 season. It seems weird saying that as we have yet to hold our presentation but with the league campaigns all completed it seems correct to do so.

July's version will give an in depth breakdown and demographics of our club during the 2021-22 season.