Chairman Chat JUNE

Hello and welcome to my final Chairman Chat of the 2021-22 season. It seems weird saying that as we have yet to hold our presentation but with the league campaigns all completed it seems correct to do so. 

July's version will give an in depth breakdown and demographics of our club during the 2021-22 season.

Off The Pitch
AGM Announcement 

The Annual General Meeting of Port of Bristol Youth Football Club will be held at the PBA Sports & Social Club on Saturday July 2nd, at 10am. Nominations for the following positions are welcomed after their initial 2 year stints.

• Club Chairman
• Treasurer  

These need to be proposed, seconded and should be submitted to the club in writing no later than 5pm on Saturday June 25th.

It is my intention to continue in the position of Chairman after taking the role over in August last year.

Pitch Development 

As some of our members may of noticed when visiting the ground this week you would of seen that work has begun on trying to improve the playing surfaces and utilise every part of the site at Nibley Road.

After test holes were done three weeks ago to see how much soil was below the surface a consultation was then held and work began last Monday.

This is a big investment by the football club and something we needed to do due to our growth over the last 12 months.  What we really want to ensure is every team is able to play their home fixtures at the PBA, instead of sourcing other nearby venues, but at some point this may not be possible as we continue grow.

We have been assured by the contractor that these works will be completed in time for the new season and updates will be given over this time frame.

2021-22 Presentation 
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to our annual presentation, celebrating all of our players achievements for the 2021-22 season.

This will also take part on Saturday, 2nd July, 2022 and will hope to see many of you in attendance.

Timings are provisional and based around age groups although actual start times may change slightly with each team.

Annual Tournament Success
What a weekend of football we held and I just wanted to thank everyone who put time in to continue putting this tournament on the map.

As a club we are very proud of our tournament and always have had good reviews from the visiting teams, mainly because of the set up and trophies given out with this year was no different.

We look forward to planning an even more successful one next season.

On The Pitch
Under 10s On Tour
With all our age groups campaigns concluded one of our teams travelled to Devon for their season tour in Exmouth. I am lucky enough to be involved in this group and it was a fantastic time where parents and players were able to interact socially.

We were also able to build a relationship with a team down there that we hopefully can build regular games throughout both clubs.

U12s Lose U13 League Cup Final
Last month saw our U12s (who play at U13) play their League Cup Final at the GFA Headquarters in Almondsbury.

In an exciting match that somehow ended 0-0 the game went into extra time. Our U12 took the lead with 3 minutes to go only to see our opponents score with the last kick of the game, to make it 1-1.

Unfortunately the boys lost 4-3. 

U18s Win League
The U18 last month won their league in what was an unbelievable season for the squad.

Our 'first ever squad' at Port of Bristol YFC went the whole season dropping only two points and a big well done to all involved.

Final Thoughts...
So our season is complete... but as a club we stay open. Training will continue throughout the summer although some of our coaches will have chosen to have a rest on weekends over the coming weeks.

I would firstly like to thank everyone of our 52 coaches and DBS helpers as without them none of this is possible. Football is a game of opinions and although sometimes as coaches we get things wrong, the dedication and time given by these individuals allows children to explore this wonderful game.

Secondly, to you the parents. I've had some great conversations with many of you, both as Chairman and as a coach supporting what we are doing as a club. 

Last but not least, our amazing players. You have created so memories for your coaches, your parents and your teammates and hopefully you all have enjoyed the 2021-22 season at Port. Thank You and keep being you.

I look forward to what next season brings.

Speak Soon, Chris