Chairman Chat - DECEMBER


And so here we are, reflecting on another year, thanking everyone for all they have done and sending our best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year when it comes. 

Christmas is traditionally the season of giving and I thought it would be nice to highlight what we as a football club GIVE during our football season.

The most important gift anyone associated with our club can give, is time, as without it we are unable to do anything. These individuals selflessly give their time and energy to make Port of Bristol YFC a place for all of us to enjoy, but more importantly our children to develop.

We do an awful lot to ensure we give back to our members, keeping monthly subs low, at a time where so many financially are possibly struggling. It is so important that we offer value for money ensuring external growth is also achieved with our players, and it is not just about kicking a football.

Our Players...
Christmas Social Event

It was great to give our coaches the opportunity to take their squads out with most of the teams taking up the option to attend the club bowling event, where over 250 children came.

Others squads who couldn't attend the event, took their respective age groups to a number of other activities that included such things as Lazer Tag and Bubble Football.

For a club our size, you can imagine to costs involved to create such an event, but allowing parents to have a night off and give our players some lastimg memories.

Additional Money Made Available

As a committee we agreed to offer coaches an opportunity to tap into an additional pot of money that would enable them to take their squads out socially at the end of every season.

Within the club, there has been a continuing emphasis on doing everything to a high standard, and where improvements in our structures can be made. We want our coaches to do everything possible to ensure they are doing things 'correctly' to give the best experience to children playing at our club.

To access this additional pot, coaches have been reminded of 'best practices' expected of them from The FA and that of Port of Bristol Youth Football Club and we will come together at our next coaches meeting in January where this subject will be reviewed.

Some of the points that were discussed with our coaches

  • Ensure safeguarding requirements are met.
  • Attend monthly coaches meetings to keep fully upto date with GFA, League and Club announcements. 
  • Ensure that pitches are marked properly and safe before every fixture.
  • Ensure Player Of The Week Trophies are available to be given on the day.

This continues to show we are as open with our members as we can be, with what we want to achieve at this club, and keeping standards high within our coaching groups. 

Signing On Gift

At the start of each season we give a free gift instead of using this fee for the day to day running of the football club during the season.

Like previous years, players who were new to the club received our green training kit, allowing an easy transition into Port of Bristol YFC and allowing us to commit to ensuring everyone looks the same throughout our club.

Existing players who were previously signed on recieved a club hoodie.

Weekly POTW Trophies
A big investment that we commit to each season and this is a great coaching tool for our coaches to utilise to celebrate individuals. These cased medals or trophies are kept by the recipients after each game and we go through approximately 450 currently per season.

Giving Back...
Charlie became our first player to benefit from the club paying for a FA refereeing course and I am very proud to announce that he qualified in November.

He has showed great commitment within the club other than representating it on the pitch getting involved with coaching and showing an interest in become a referee. Over the last 3 years he has really matured into a role modal with many of our younger players looking up to him.

Our Volunteers... 
I want to take a moment to recognize and pay tribute to the unsung heroes of our football family – the volunteers. 
Coaches Xmas Get Together
Earlier this month the football club paid and put on a coaches only Christmas night, where we came together socially to have something to eat and have a few Christmas beverages.
Over half of the club coaches and volunteers attending and it was a great night, especially seeing some who wouldn't necessarily interact with eachother during the course of the season.

I personally would like to thank Dan and the team at Port of Bristol Sports and Community Hub for hosting and cooking the food and Mitchell who was an excellent quizmaster.

Coaches, Committee and Volunteers

These people are the reason why the club run and without them giving their time the club wouldn't be able to run.

  • We have just shy of 50 coaches and DBS helpers at the club who run our teams, this allows children an opportunity to play the game they love.
  • 5 committee members who run the day-to-day running of the club, which is a mammoth task.
  • 2 very committed helpers who travel around Bristol attending league meetings and help collect our kit orders in their own time.

Welcome To The Team
Have yet to officially welcome Sara Anthony and Chris Williams to you, both have been with the club with their children but now want to offering their time and experience to the club.

Sara will be joining the team to manage the club account externally from the committee. She has 15 years experience in this field being a qualified solicitor and a partner at John Hodge Solicitors, specialising in client private accounts.

Chris joined the committee in October, to offer his experiences from businesses he has been involved in, specifically the operations side of them. We wanted someone to look at where we can improve practices used, and potentially new one that fall in line with our club ethos and standards expected by The FA.
Something New...
As we think about bringing 2023 to a close and begin to formulate our hopes for 2024, we will reach a milestone of 10 years in existence, and a sense that there is always something else we can do to celebrate this.

We are in the early stages of what we will be doing but at the same there are some exciting ideas bringing brought to the table.

One of the many ideas is a creation of a bursary for those who are in need. To have the ability to put smiles on faces is a privileged position and if Port of Bristol Youth Football Club can continue to make even the smallest difference, that puts a smile on my face and those who put so much time into our wonderful club.

I will finsh this post with a simple thank you and Merry Christmas