Dog Fouling Major Issue


Port of Bristol Youth Football Club are trying to work with our community again and calling for you help, in are fight against 'dog mess' on the pitches used by children all over Bristol. Can you please spread the word.

It has come to a point where we are really worried with children using the pitches for matches and training because of the amount of dog mess by people walking their dog on our sport pitches and concerns for the health of any child who comes into contact with it. Although our coaches inspect the pitches before use, we have had four incidents last season and already five this season, where a child has had it on them in some capacity...this is not acceptable. 

It's disgusting that anyone thinks it is acceptable to walk their dog in an area which is used regularly by children and, worse still, not to pick up the dog mess afterwards. There are two fields either side of the football pitches, at the Port of Bristol Sports & Social Club, yet owners feel the need to use the field where 200+ kids play football two times a week.

What we are doing is trying to encourage young people to take part and enjoy sport and it's horrendous that Port of Bristol facilities is being targeted in this way, by lazy dog owners.

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Report a dog owner

By law, dog owners must clean up after their dogs. Dog owners can be fined and taken to court if they don't pay the fine.

Call 0117 922 2500 to report a dog owner. You'll need to tell us:

  • where the owner and dog live
  • what the owner looks like and the type of dog
  • location, time and date of the incidents