It's A Family Affair

The weekend saw us finally being able to give our Chairman awards from last season to two very worthy winners at the club.

Due to the format of presentation and not seeing both of the award winners together for a while, the trophoes were finally presented Saturday. 

Adult Award

The adult award was given to Alan Dimambro for his selfless attitude and commitment to the club for the whole of last season. Alan is our U13 coach and came onboard to our committee last season, showing all the characteristics you need to help drive the football club forward.

Van said "Endless hours have been given up by Alan with a lot of the work going unnoticed but not by myself and the club.

"This list of tasks Alan does for the club is to many to list but he is a great asset to this football club.
Congratulations Alan you throughly deserved this award and long may your efforts continues"

Youth Award

This award went to another Dimambro, this time it was to our now U13 player Mckenzie.

"Mckenzie has often been seen down the club marking lines, clearing up litter, always offering help whether it be carrying the balls, collect cones or help drag goals into place.

"One of the other things that stood out with Mckenzie last season was how many occasions he was happy to assist other teams by lending his services to play for them which is great to see. Mckenzie has a great personality and is a great character to have around the club. All of the above has been done with his infectious smile and great attitude towards the club"

A massive well done to the Dimambro's 

Van Papantoniou