Fundraising Help Deliver Goals


During lockdown the committee was approached by a couple of parents to help raise funds for Port of Bristol Youth FC at the start of these uncertain times, through the opening of a fundraising page. With 95% of subs stopping, no tournament to be held (the latter raising most of our income for a season) and not knowing when we would be able to return, the committee were unsure what we would be coming back to.
The Port of Bristol Fundraising Page has been run throughout by Kerri Clifton and as it stands has raised just over £4100. This money has helped enable the football club to invest in approx £11,000 during lockdown by improving our goalmouths at all formats, this ensuring sustainability for years to come.

Goalmouths Brought

  • An additional pair of full size goals (11v11) after purchasing a set at the beginning of last season as the previous metal ones owned by PBA Sports & Social Club were condemned.
  • x3 goals to be used by all our U12, U11 teams (9v9 format) Two of these are the same as the bigger goals, on wheels to assist movement. The third has easy fold away sides.
  •  x2 goals to be used by our U6, U7, U8, U9 and U10 (5v5 & 7v7 formats) all having easy fold away sides.

With these goals being purchased it should mean that every player will start playing in these on weekends when playing at Nibley Road.

The fundraising page is still going strong and the committee would like to say a thank you, not just to Kerri Clifton for running it, but also everyone who has got involved. This has been a great success and helped us deliver these goalmouths to our players.