Green Kit Launched

As some of you would of seen recently Port of Bristol Youth FC revealed we were going to introduce an additional colour that would allow our teams to play in an alternative strip to our much loved purple kits. 

The new kit predominantly will act as our training attire but with a small amount of newer teams having different shades of purple strips we wanted to be proactive and deliver every player a full new training kit to ensure no future clashes at games.

There was a real desire for the club to have a second colour that would be distinctive to Port of Bristol Youth, similar to our full purple strips and we believe that this flow green does that, with the two colours complementing eachother. The two kits can also be use to make a number of combinations to become a third kit should managers of our teams decide to do so.
The roll out of green kits has now started and players will receive these once our members have signed the children on and paid their fees for the 2021-22 season. The club is paying the difference for the kits so that the additional costs doesn't go back to parents and every player has the same.

There has been great feedback from parents, other teams but more importantly our players who have been so excited to get the kits on, with some age groups even wearing them in tournaments over the weekend. 

Together we grow, purple army...or is it now green?