PBA Social Club Membership Update


It has come to our attention that many of you have had issues recently with PBA membership and been told that you are no longer 'classed' to be one, so as a football club we want to disclose where we currently are with this situation.

The PBA Sports & Social Club have brought us as a football club (family membership) in line with other members that use the facility. There have been a number factors we have been given for this, which impact the membership you had with them, all out of our control, but we hope to answer all questions. 

Why has this changed?

The PBA Sports & Social Club are going through on-going communications with Bristol City Council on the use of the facility and one thing the council want is to stop the charging of annual memberships as part of possible future developments on the site.

The PBA Sports & Social Club, in term, agreed at their AGM in November 2019, to stop our 'family memberships' in December, early. This then allows anyone who wanted to renew to be on par with any of their new/existing members in January 2020. We have been told they are only doing memberships for one more year only.

This was put in our new purposed rolling lease that was given to us and we recently paid £12.50 for six months for all of our members, instead of the £10 for the original twelve months, when most of you signed in July-September 2019.   

Your £20 signing on fee

When you signed on to the football club, you have to pay a £20.00 fee to us. This has always been part of the process and happens up and down the country (although the price differs) but in 2017 we managed to agree with the PBA Sports & Social Club, a membership that would allow our parents to use the clubhouse and facilities as an added bonus.

  • We were happy to give your full £20.00 that registered your child with us and give this as payment, so you could have a membership within the PBA Sports & Social Club. This was deemed not necessary and a counter offer of £10.00 was given to us. 
  • Our agreed 'family membership' ran from July- June to aid us, as this is where our football season commences and ends. The other PBA membership run from Jan-Dec.

So, theoretically with this unforeseen added £2.50 in PBA Sports & Social Club Membership (from £10 to £12.50) all children managed to get a training top and rain jacket for £7.50

Can I Still Be A Social Club Member?

Yes. This can be done directly within the PBA Sports & Social Club. The annual cost for this is £26.00.

Can We Still Use The Club if Not A Member this year?

Yes. We have been told this is fine, although the PBA Sports & Social Club are going to operate a two tier price list, for members & non members.

Moving Forward

We are looking to get a long term lease from the PBA Sports & Social Club, ASAP, to ensure the security for your children that play for Port of Bristol Youth Football Club and to work in partnership with them to give the local community a facility that is much needed for the area. 

The football club have become a cornerstone within the community within 5 years and growing year on year. Early signs show by September 2020 we will have at least 320, 5-18 year old children playing football locally, something which is essential.  

Any more information wanted on any subject within our football club, please contact any of our committee members in person, via the website or on our many different social media platforms.