Plastic Bottle Lid Problem

There is an issue currently where electrical tape, plastic drinks bottles and the lids are being left by and on our pitches after matches and training.


The latter is posing the biggest risk to our players as they get ripped in the mower when the pitches are cut weekly, creating smaller very sharp edged bits of plastic that become embedded into the pitches, which would be no different to having broken glass on them. 

Over 30 lids were found this week, 20+ plastic bottles as well as numerous discarded bits of electrical tape that older players use to keep their socks up. As a club we don't just aim to teach the children how to play football, our coaches want to develop them as people, ensuring they understand right from wrong and respect.

With this in mind, if it doesnt improve, there may come a time in the near future where the coaches or the committee implements regular team clean ups after training/matches where age groups walk the field to pick up these bottle lids etc. If the New Zealand professional rugby team can clean up after themselves, surely our players can.