Rain Jackets & Training Tops For All


We are continuing our commitment to ensuring every one of our players at Port of Bristol Youth Football Club is dressed and looking the same in 'club attire', after recently buying training tops and rain jackets for all of them. 

In times where most are tightening their purse strings, we feel it is so important that external factors like deprivation or not having the latest professional team kit doesn't have a knock on effect on our players. Players need to feel wanted and safe in an environment where they can progress at their own pace and we believe that these 'club ethics', allows the children to concentrate on just having fun, learn this wonderful game without the pressure of 'not having' something their peers may have. 

Club Welfare Officer said "It is something we wanted to provide for our players since we were formed, not just because we want to ensure equality, but it also looks very professional and the children take pride wearing their 'club colours' locally". 

"It is the first season we have been in a position to do this and all the children are absolutely buzzing to receive their kit. I think that this shows again, where as a club we are going and where we want to be...that something special is happening here. When you take into consideration our growth of numbers both in terms of players and coaches, recent Charter Standard accreditation as well as linking up with charities like the Grand Appeal, we have built sound foundations before any of the players even kick a ball".      

If you want to know more on anything related to our club or feel you can help us in anyway then please get in contact.