U8s Given Phased Card

Some of our U8s recieved 'phased cards' this week at training from their coach, in an approach to aid their football development at Port of Bristol Youth Football Club.


The U8 Purple squad have been having blocked training sessions, focusing on a specific subject over a 4-6 week time frame. What has been key to this is visual aids, such as animated session videos that the coach has designed each week that have given the players an opportunity to see what they are to try before they actually attend. A number of our coaches are also looking at doing this over the coming months to see how this may help other players at our club.

At the end of each block the coach has also designed a phase card (below) with some key words, sentences and questions that has been generated from the sessions by the players and coach.

The cards are to kept by the players and can be put on their bedroom walls, by their beds, on the fridge or even by their computer console for them to maybe glance at every now to help get the message across more effectively rather than a coach just talking to the players.