Chairman Chat

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years as we embark on a brand new year and close a great 2021 for the football club. Yes, beacuse of the pandemic, its been hard for all involved, the start/stopping of the 20-21 season, putting safety provisions in place and the not knowing, but I hope now we can...

Chairman Chat


As so many of you have approached me about the continued uncertainty surrounding the PBA Sports & Social Club and how it affects the us, the youth football club, I thought it was only right to update you with the current situation before the new year and my January monthly post.

Hello everyone, with the year soon closing and Christmas upon us i think it is only right to say thanks to all the coaches, parents and other supporters of Port of Bristol Youth Football Club.

Hi all, I hope you all remain safe and well as we continue to navigate back to normality and build up to some exciting times ahead with Bonfire Night and Christmas soon approaching.