Chairman Chat DECEMBER


Hello everyone, with the year soon closing and Christmas upon us i think it is only right to say thanks to all the coaches, parents and other supporters of Port of Bristol Youth Football Club.

Volunteering, like with all grassroot clubs, has been key to our own success and continued growth over the years. Developing relationships over time has allowed us to form a structure that has really been tested with the ever changing landscape, uncertainty of the past year and this has created frustrations for all involved... even for those of you that always are at the front of the queue putting yourselves forward to help the football club out. 

We, as a club, will always need more help, more bodies stepping forward to referee a game or pack away matchday equipment and this is to just to sustain what we currently have developed at this amazing club... little things matter and so many of you help already, so I want to thank you all on behalf of all 350+ players with us.

Thank You

Covid-19 Update

We have been back without any real issues but Covid-19 seems to be raising its ugly head again. With this in mind we may experience more unexpected gaps, whether that be matches or our players missing from training/games, so please continue to stay safe.

We have and had a number of cases recently with our players but thankfully they all have been well enough to return to football shortly after their self isolation periods and I for one am glad to see them playing again.

Port of Bristol Youth Remembered 
Over the weekend of the 13th/14th November, our superstars took part in remembering those who have fallen. As a football club we mark Remembance Day yearly, allowing our players to wear black armbands with the symbolic poppy in the middle and despite my own age group not having a game I was very proud to see our players, young and old paying their respects in the four games I was able to attend that weekend.
What was rewarding for me personally, was when a young player came to me, who I don't coach that regularly, asking me why he had just done a minute silence before his game. We were at the club, so I sat down with him and his parents, asking him why did he think it was being done and setting him a task to give me some information about it...surprisingly he returned around 10 minutes later after nicking his mum's phone and let's just say he was excited to know more about it.
New U6's & Welcome New Coaches/Helpers
After so much interest at this age, we have been able to start up a new team to help curb the demand and continue our club growth. I was lucky enough to attend their 1st session last week and it was really nice to interact with the children and parents as they start the footballing journey.

We also welcome a number of adults to the club who are now coaching or helping out age groups.

  • James Gregory (U6 Green)
  • Kevin Mills (U8 Green)
  • Daniel Clifton (U10 White)
Coaches Work Party
A number of our coaches braved wintery conditions to help empty our 'blue container', move a lot of additional equipment that is not currently being used and have a general clean up over the weekend.
With so much use over the six years the floor and roof are in need of repairs, so with it now emptied they will start. Thank you to everyone who attended.
POB Christmas Party
As I am sure you would of seen by now we are having our Christmas Party Saturday, 11th December from 16.30pm. 

These are always great nights and we are so happy that we are able to host it...of course there is someone very special making an appearance.

Although free, it is an TICKET ONLY EVENT so we know who is attending and ensure we don't exceed the capacity of the PBA Sports and Social Club. If you have yet to get your tickets then please email where you will be able to arrange collection.
Final Thought...

A shorter version, but I hope reading these 'monthly reviews' and the on-goings at your club are a benefit to you. I really am looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings us as a club, but lets hopefully enjoy the last few games of 2021 first.

If I don't see you at any of the clubs training sessions or matches, I wish you and your families

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.